Energy Technologies

Tecnologie per i trasporti

Status Title Autors Info
Status Title Autors Info
5 Electrical Storage for Automotive Systems Natascia Andrenacci, Francesco Vellucci, Chiara Boccaletti
5 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Stephen Mcphail, Leone Martellucci
5 Airport Infrastructures Luigi Martirano, Riccardo Loggia, Sonia Giovinazzo
5 Seaport Infrastructures Luigi Martirano, Riccardo Loggia, Sonia Giovinazzo
5 Automotive Internal Combustion Engines Fernando Ortenzi, Leone Martellucci
5 Charging of Electric Vehicles Francesco Vellucci, Maria Carmen Falvo, Matteo Manganelli
5 Rail Transport Alessandro Ruvio, Nicola Mortelliti, Silvia Orchi
5 Public Road Transport Maria Pia Valentini, Gabriella Messina, Leone Martellucci
5 Urban Rail Transport Alessandro Ruvio, Maria Carmen Falvo, Maria Pia Valentini
5 2-3 Wheeled Motor Vehicles Leone Martellucci
5 Full Hybrid and Hybrid Plug-in Vehicles Manlio Pasquali, Fabio Giulii Capponi

   Airport Infrastructures

Autors:   Luigi Martirano, Riccardo Loggia, Sonia Giovinazzo

Transport technologies
Airport infrastructure plays a key role in the fight against CO2 emissions and climate change. Increasingly stringent standards and regulations mean that many facilities must be retrofitted or completely redesigned to be competitive on the energy efficiency side. Both Italy and, more generally, the European Union, have accepted the great challenge, adhering to a program that aims at a drastic and net reduction of emissions by the year 2030. In this regard, considerable funds have been allocated for the realization of projects that provide energy generation from renewable sources and structures with optimized energy classes. Within this context, the SESAR program has been set up, a European project that aims at the creation of an innovative air traffic management structure and economically promotes initiatives related to this issue. Many national and international airports have joined the program, such as Fiumicino airport "Leonardo Da Vinci" which has implemented systems such as ASMGCS, VDGS, SWIM and ARMS, becoming one of the main reference points at European level for the use of new technologies. A primary role within the security infrastructures is played by those related to signaling and illumination. In fact, the luminous signals, especially those at the edge of the runway, must be made according to specific regulations and constantly controlled and monitored in order to respond efficiently to possible interference and occasional failures.

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