Energy Technologies

SIMTE offers reports, information and data on a wide range of technologies for energy production, transformation, distribution and end use, from power plants to grids, from home appliances to vehicles and industrial plants. SIMTE information includes technical performance, emissions and waste, investment and operation costs as well as regulatory and market aspects of the technologies. While attention is payed to innovative and sustainable technologies, SIMTE also includes conventional energy technologies for completeness and comparison purposes.

SIMTE includes five energy technology sectors. Please, select the technology you are looking for …

Produzione e trasformazione di energia primaria

Status Title Autors Info
Status Title Autors Info
5 Coal Gasification Andrea Lanzini, Elena Rozzi, Claudia Bassano
5 Production of Liquid Biofuels Andrea Lanzini, Marco Marchese, Elena Rozzi, Giacobbe Braccio, Vito Pignatelli
5 Production of Liquid Fuels from Coal and Gas Claudia Bassano, Andrea Lanzini, Elena Rozzi
5 Oil and Gas Production from Conventional Reserves Alessandro Giocoli
5 Oil and Gas Production from non-Conventional Reserves Emanuele Fanelli
5 Biomass Production and Logistics Vincenzo Motola, Nicola Pierro, Elena Rozzi, Andrea Lanzini
5 Biogas Production and Use Marta Gandiglio, Massimo Santarelli, Elena De Luca
5 Oil Refinery Vittoria Fatta
5 Transportation and Logistics of Hydrocarbons Alessandro Giocoli
5a Hydrogen Production and Logistics Stephen McPhail, Massimiliano della Pietra 2018 archive

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